Identify Those Most Likely to Enroll

Enrollment funnels continue to widen at the top with reduced trickle down. All the “white noise” probably stifles your admission team, as they struggle to identify students most interested in attending. Lift the cloud that limits their ability to focus on the right students. Through a review of historical enrollment patterns, high school characteristics, and demographics, our Target Market Analysis solution, clearFOCUS, assists you and your team deeper in the funnel by identifying those most likely to apply and enroll. We will help you implement the chosen strategy, provide continuous monitoring throughout the cycle to assess the emerging enrollment picture, and work with you to make mid-course corrections, if necessary.

Predictive Modeling Graphic_1
The intelligence we gained from enrollmentFUEL's Target Market Analysis was incredibly rich—feels like we're sitting on a gold mine of actionable, data-driven insights!
Jill Griffin
Vice President of Enrollment and Marketing | University of Evansville
Investing in enrollmentFUEL's Target Market Analysis has paid major dividends. The value gained is worth double far more than what we paid!We have worked with many vendors and partners throughout the years, and enrollmentFUEL outshines them all. They are truly working 'in the trenches' with us on a regular basis, and they routinely overdeliver and delight us with their generosity and genuine care.
Kenton Hargis
Senior Director of Admission | University of Evansville

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