Statement of Inclusivity

Hope for a from oppression and injustice, when a new humanity includes all peoples, languages, tribes, and nations.
Curtiss Paul DeYoung

Statement of inclusivity

Inclusivity is not enough without a sense of belonging, too. We are taking time to respond—the words do not come easily because we do not want to create a meaningless, hollow message about what it means to be a person of color in these uncertain times. In the midst of all we encounter, enrollmentFUEL will not stand silent. We are committed to creating a safe environment for honest conversations about race, the unfortunate painful acts that continue to take place, and how we can support each other through the resulting crises. While many of us at enrollmentFUEL cannot speak directly to what it is like to live as a person of color in America, we want our colleagues, friends, co-workers, and partners who are to know that we are listening to your words and supporting your actions. We recognize that we also have much progress to make, and we have committed to take action toward building a more diverse and inclusive workplace, where belonging is also taken seriously.

Many of you who have worked with us at enrollmentFUEL often hear that we either repel or attract client-partners because of our first core value—love. In the business world, one rarely hears or experiences this word. But, now more than ever, we are dedicated to this value. We believe we have an obligation as a business to love openly—and this belief compels us to action. We will not remain complicit through silence, for silence can be louder than anyone realizes. enrollmentFUEL is committing to use our voice, our skills, and the means we have to support the building blocks of racial justice in our enrollment community. While these actions will not solve everything, we are committed to them to help strengthen awareness and compassion and engender love.

Ways we are taking action:

  • enrollmentFUEL annually donates to five diverse charities chosen by our employees annually.

  • We will close our offices on Martin Luther King Day and Juneteenth.

  • Our company’s voice will convey a message of hope, opportunity, and urgency in the fight for racial justice through all of our REV teaching and learning curriculum.

  • In our quarterly vision meetings, leadership of the Company will address future action items and ways enrollmentFUEL can be more inclusive and sensitive as a predominantly white business.

  • In the coming years, we will include public conversations centered around issues of race within our ideaSTORMS.

  • In the coming months and years, enrollmentFUEL will continue to build partnerships with businesses and non-profits that espouse racial justice in both action and value.

These are only steps in a long journey with an uncertain outcome. As supporters and friends of enrollmentFUEL, we invite you to join our efforts.