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Tori Simon

Associate Vice President for Digital Marketing Strategies

Tori began her digital marketing career in 2014 when she started her first blog, which she built with the sole purpose of inspiring students to reach their higher education goals. After achieving success through content creation and digital marketing, she joined a full-service influencer marketing agency where she executed campaigns for some of the world’s largest brands.

One of Tori’s specialties is evaluating campaign data and developing key learnings so that future digital marketing efforts can be even more successful. She is meticulous with her methods and has been referred to as “eagle eye” and “puzzle solver” by her previous supervisors and peers. Tori refers to herself as a lifelong learner and is regularly taking courses and networking with other professionals to stay up to date on the ever-changing digital marketing world.

Prior to starting her marketing career, Tori received her master’s in psychology and spent several years working with foster youth, with the ultimate goal of helping them get into a higher education program.

When she’s not working, Tori enjoys reading, baking cookies, and relaxing with her husband and their rescue dog, Griswold. During football season, she’s usually decked out in TCU purple and shouting, “Go Frogs!” loud enough for the neighbors to hear. When she’s not at home, you’ll usually see her flying around at the local bungee fitness studio or visiting an ice cream shop.


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