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Tom O'Brien

Solutions Enabler

Tom is one of our founding Principals at enrollmentFUEL. A modern day MacGyver who makes amazing things happen for everyone especially his wife Laura, and their daughters. He is a man who knows how to solve most problems and his greatest strength is that he knows best how to avoid problems altogether. Trained as an accountant, his real background is marketing, where he’s owned a digital printing, mail house, and highly sophisticated communications company for over 35 years.

Tom was first exposed to higher education as the son of a professor at Wake Forest University. He spends almost every weekend at his beach home in Morehead City where he can been seen in the sky buzzing around in a helicopter from Cape Lookout to the Bogue Sound. Because of this, he is our official enrollmentFUEL pilot and is willing to land on any campus that allows that kind of fun.


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136 East Rosemary Street, Suite 100

Chapel Hill, NC 27514