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Milena Velez

Project Manager 

Milena has over 16 years of enrollment management experience with various student populations. As a former international student herself, she began her career as Coordinator of International Recruitment in 2007, and over the next 15 years she served in progressive roles across the Midwest and the South, most recently as a Director of Admission at Newberry College. She has expertise in developing enrollment communication plans, strategies, and content for different target audiences, as well as revamping institutional processes with best practices in mind. 

As a professional, Milena believes in providing students from all backgrounds with the higher education experience they seek, while supporting them in the unique ways they need. She is confident that this mission is best served through collaboration across the industry, especially when it comes to mentoring the next generation of admissions counselors. 

Milena completed her bachelor's degree at Oberlin College, her MBA from Lake Erie College, and her Master of Arts in Rhetoric and Writing from the University of Findlay. Born and raised in Bulgaria, Milena currently calls South Carolina her home. She lives just north of Columbia, SC, with her husband, Joel, their daughter, Stella, and their rambunctious dog, Luna. When she is not writing stories, yelling at Luna to "leave it", or conducting science experiments with Stella, Milena enjoys a good long book or a good long run (both can be followed by a nice cup of tea!).


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