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Linda Bishop

Octane Editor

Linda is a subject matter expert on tactical marketing, messaging and storytelling strategies, integrated marketing, direct mail, marketing automation, marketing roadmaps, mindshare development, content strategies, online marketing, and buying decision-making processes.

With 30 years of experience in a wide variety of industries, she brings a breadth of understanding to help today’s Chief Enrollment Officer determine the best tactics in channels to use in Student Search. Linda has served in a variety of sales and marketing leadership roles before starting Thought Transformation, a national sales and marketing consulting company. She speaks nationally on sales and marketing topics and has authored three books on sales topics, as well as numerous articles.

Linda believes every school has a unique story to tell. She is passionate about understanding your story and sharing it with powerful copy and high-impact design to convey the lifelong value of an education at your school.

Linda enjoys time with her family, walking outdoors, yoga, reading romance novels, and watching movies with a happy ending.

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