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Gretchen Long

Creative Director

Jacqui introduced Mike to Gretchen’s work in 2007, and he has never seen anyone who can paint a canvas so magnificently—always capturing the voice and spirit of each client school so well.

A highly recognized and award winning graphic designer in many different disciplines, Gretchen’s roots go back to her time at Mary Baldwin College where she painted outside the lines because she was having to capture the big ideas of an admissions team that included a young Jacqui Elliott as dean.

Today, she has her own shop in historic downtown, Staunton, VA and works with all aspects of communication and marketing, including integrated marketing and institutional branding; enrollment initiatives; capital and annual giving campaigns; website redesigns; magazine design; strategic plan visual branding, and everything in between. She is an example of FUEL’s culture—a culture that meets top talent where they are and provides that same blank canvas, without boundaries, necessary to attract superstars at every position on the FUEL team.

Gretchen studied both fine arts and journalism at Virginia Commonwealth University and earned her BS in journalism. She has one pre-teen son and one teenage son on the verge of the college search process and is especially poised (for the moment) to weigh in from a parent’s perspective.


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