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Student Search is both art and science. Our clients think we’re the very best at integrating the science of geo-demographic research, predictive modeling, and web analytics with creativity that is expertly developed for audiences of one.

We have been surprised through the years by leaders who throw money and volume at the challenge of enrolling a new class.

enrollmentFUEL  is on a mission to create a better way–one that is more efficient and more effective because we give remarkable insight to the people who recruit people. We are so confident in our solution we offer our clients a money back promise.

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Homelanders…Who Defines this New Generation?

Move over Millennials, here come the Homelanders! A new generation of college-bound students are upon us, and they look and act differently from those now graduating college in record numbers and entering the workforce. The Homelanders, otherwise known as Generation Z, are those born from the year 2000 and beyond. These students are the future […]

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Podcast on microSEARCH™
PODCAST: microSEARCH™ In this conversation, we talk with Dr. Jacquelyn D. Elliott, President of enrollmentFUEL about a new way to defy gravity in Student Search—microSEARCH™. The interview reveals how microSEARCH™ differs from traditional Student Search, why chief enrollment officers find it appealing, and the unique ways it can be implemented to FUEL enrollment. Jacqui also [...]
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Fine Dining and microSEARCH™
Recently, my wife and I were traveling overseas, and we visited an Italian restaurant in a Spanish-speaking country. I wasn’t sure what our waiter’s native tongue was, as I often attempt to speak some sort of Latin-inspired language whenever I get in these situations. I speak something that works in both Italy and Spain, until [...]
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