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microSEARCH™ is the perfect fit for enrollment management professionals who have a specific goal and a limited budget. Though it is smaller in scale than traditional Student Search, your microSEARCH campaign can do big things to fill gaps and reach goals.

You can use a microSEARCH campaign to:

  • Revitalize an academic program
  • Fill seats for a new major or pre-professional program
  • Enter a new geographic market
  • Target a specific niche
  • Promote campus visits
  • Increase applications
  • Encourage deposits
  • Reduce melt
  • Qualify inquiries
  • Test a big idea or A/B test

Tailored Tactics for Targeted Results

microSEARCH campaigns are deployed quickly and efficiently. Every campaign includes compelling copy and creative design to showcase your institution. Campaigns can include any or all tactics used in traditional Student Search, such as:

  • Social and IP targeting ads
  • Retargeting ads
  • matchBACK™ – identify and market to website visitors without cookies!
  • Direct mail
  • Customized landing pages
  • Personalized URLs (PURLs)
  • Email marketing
  • ghostVOICE™ ringless voice messaging
  • SMS messaging
  • clickCAPTURE™ analytics with cookie tracking
  • Call Center support

Can a microSEARCH Campaign Repeat or Scale?

Many microSEARCH campaigns start as single events and one-time fixes. Once an enrollment leader sees the results, they often choose to repeat the campaign or expand the scope. Coker University is a great example. They discovered a microSEARCH campaign was all they needed for a record-setting, enrollment growth year. 

View Coker University Case Study

In fact, the ability to repeat a campaign or scale to a larger audience is one of the many benefits of microSEARCH. It allows you to test ideas, determine interest, and discover what works – all within a budget.

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