Our edge is our understanding that people recruit people—and, for your people to do this most effectively, they often need additional training to sharpen their skills. Our team consists of two ASTD certified adult trainers who sharpen your staff with relevant curriculum and learning that helps your people recruit people more effectively and efficiently.

Our 2017 Training Packages

Enrollment Management 101

Enrollment Management 101

This two day course is designed as a bootcamp approach and acclimates new admissions counselors to the various admission cycles. Want to give your new counselor the kind of orientation that will have them contributing to your goals sooner? Our course teaches the skills most needed to create the ambassadors you need to represent your school effectively. And, their enrollment emotional intelligence quotient will skyrocket so they know how to handle families during their college search journey.

Anatomy SSS Program

The Anatomy of a Successful Student Search Program

A full day session for chief enrollment officers outlining the critical steps to building a successful Student Search program.  Data modeling, name purchasing, strategy, direct mail, email, new media, retargeting, IP targeting, measurement, scoring, conversion and best practices are all covered in this intensive training session for the chief enrollment officer who wants to find the best solution for success.  This training is also ideal for the mid-level manager who has been designated to lead a school’s Student Search efforts.

BSI to Increase Yield

Using Behavioral Scoring Insight to Increase Yield

This training is included in many of our Student Search programs.  We see it as essential for the admissions staff that is using our insight clickCAPTURING™ and bannerDIRECT™ tools to successfully improve the conversation rate on inquiries generated in your communications. This is a great team training program that is often exportable to your campus.

Create Winning Enrollment Communications

Creating Winning Enrollment Communication(s)

This 1/2 day session includes a survey of many traditional and non-communication channels with a special emphasis on evaluating new and emerging media channels.  In this training Comm flow gaps are explored and fixed.  Successful flows are reviewed and explored. Direct mail, comm flow, email, kinetic emails, using micro-sites, inbound communications, retargeting, pre-targeting, and social media best practices are all presented. The session also includes an audit of the school’s communication flow with group work to create an integrated marketing plan for the campus. Some of the questions posed in this forum-like setting include: Is the View Book dead?  How do I leverage social media?  Do I need a parent Piece?  How do I get better photography? What’s the next big thing?  How much should I be paying?  Do I really need all these channels of communication?