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Soft inquiries frustrate us. We let inquiries distinguish themselves by generating points with their behaviors. They actually earn badges. They don’t know about these awards, but it helps you decide who gets your expensive publications and who gets a tele-counseling call. We show you the most active inquiries in your pool—those who are starving for more information. We then nudge you with reporting that suggests these students need deeper, more engaged, communication. We help you convert super inquiries to enrollment.

  • Not all inquiries are created equally
  • Score behaviors so you can reward with information
  • Segment inquiries by actions


  • Novice – is doing some early research
  • Visitor – may want to visit campus soon
  • Engager – opening, reading, returning to website
  • Adventurer – is all over your website, including financial aid, and housing areas
  • Matriculator – steady, sustained scoring across enrollment cycle with great potential